Marketing Strategy with Coca-Cola & Mellow Mushroom

Coca-Cola asked my team to strategically formulate an advertising and integrated marketing campaign to increase their client, Mellow Mushroom’s, national brand awareness and catering revenues by over $100,000.  As the Report Lead,  in addition to contributing to the 16-week-process, I consolidated and reviewed all of the qualitative and quantitative data and creative tactics.

To start this project, we created an issue tree  and problem definition worksheet to help us narrow down what problem we really needed to solve. We then conducted a public detailed survey online and at franchise locations. We analyzed that data and used our findings to present a final recommendation to the Coca-Cola and Mellow Mushroom executives.

Below is a snapshot of our final campaign  proposal called, Escape the Ordinary, Cater Mellow.

Escape as One

Franchisee Catering Education

Goal: Recruit all franchisees into NCP and IMC Campaign

  • Catering Pitch for Implementation
  • Ordering Guide
    • Online Ordering
    • Standardized Order Form
    • Standardized Menu
  • Food Prep and Packaging
    • New Catering Packaging
    • Food Presentation
  • Delivery Guide
    • Delivery Cart
      • To be used in “Escape with a Smile” event promotion
  • Customer Relationship Management Guide
  • “Escape the Ordinary, Cater Mellow” Campaign Collateral Guide
  • Franchisee Competition Instructions


  • Development and Distribution begins immediately
  • Latest start date November 1, 2015
  • Approximate time to completion 3 Months

Communication Methods

  • Printed manual mailed to Franchisees
  • Food Prep and Packaging Training Session at Corporate Training Kitchen
  • Catering Website Training Webinar
Franchisee Competition

Goal: Incentivize franchisees to join NCP and IMC Campaign and perform aggressively

  • All franchisees participating in the “Escape the Ordinary, Cater Mellow” campaign will be included in competition by default
    • We expect approximately 80% of franchisees will participate
  • Divided into 2 groups:
    • Franchisees with more than 1 year catering experience
    • Franchisees with less than 1 year catering experience
  • KPI’s determining winner of each group:
    • Customer Satisfaction
      • 40% of total score
      • Data collected from surveys given to catering customers
    • Revenue
      • 40% of total score
      • Revenue goal for duration of competition (1 year):
        • More than 1 year experience group: 150% increase or $75,000
          • Increase weekly orders from 4 to 10
        • Less than 1 year experience group: $30,000
          • Increase weekly orders from 1 to 4
    • Repeat Customers
      • 20% of total score
    • KPI data will be imputed into an excel spreadsheet by each franchisee and emailed to the catering manager at corporate to keep track of everyone’s performance
      • Catering data from POS system should also be available for use
  • Prize:
    • Party for employees of store and their family with the Bake Bus
      • Paid by corporate
    • Use of Bake Bus for one month for marketing at local events
      • One event paid for by corporate


  • Begins at the launch of the “Escape the Ordinary, Cater Mellow” Campaign


  • Included in training manual
  • Email with competition rules to all franchisees

Escape Together

In-Store Advertising

Goal: Increase MM catering program awareness

  • Mel’s Catering Display
  • “Follow the Mellow Brick Road” Floor Sign
  • Campaign Posters
  • Sales Promotion Posters
  • Campaign Table Tent
  • Sales Promotion Table Tents
  • Napkins
  • Receipts
  • Employee T-shirts
  • Signs attached to/under TVs
Catering Customer Information Collection Sales Promotion (Year 1)

Goal: Collect information of possible catering customers and discover interested customers from current email lists

    • Complete any type of information request form to receive additional catering promotions and receive a $30 off coupon for a catering order or dine-in visit
    • Information Collection Methods:
  • Info form with the every check
  • Drop off business card to receive coupon at Mel’s Catering Display
  • Email campaign to all MM customers on listserv announcing new NCP and have them notify that they are interested in receiving catering promotions
Sales Promotions

Goal: Encourage trial and use of MM’s new NCP

  • Year 1: “Share your Escape with Friends”
  • Person referring receives a 15% off coupon for catering
  • Person being referred receives a 15% off coupon for catering
  • Communication:
  • Email campaign to all customers
  • Table Tents
  • Year 2: “Your Frequent Escape Passport”
  • Complete 4 catering orders of at least $100 and get $100 off your 5th order
  • Communication:
  • Email campaign to all catering customers
  • Table Tents
  • Year 3: Business Catering Loyalty Program
  • Business customers earn 2% off orders at start and after every 5 orders members will receive an additional 1% off catering orders up to 7%
  • Communication:
  • Email campaign to business customers
  • Posters
  • Year 3: Mellow Birthdays Promotion
  • Cater for a friend or family member’s birthday party and get 15% off catering order
  • Communication:
  • Email Campaign to all catering customers
  • Table Tents
Sales Promotion

Goal: Encourage social media sharing and WOM

  • T-Shirt Giveaway with every catering order
    • Year 1: Surprise t-shirt included
      • Shirt designed by MM
      • A postcard will be attached to shirt telling customers that if they post a picture with shirt on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter they will receive 15% off their next catering order or in-store visit
        • Must show picture to receive coupon
    • Year 2: Catering t-shirt design contest
      • Ask customers to design a t-shirt to giveaway with catering orders
      • Winner will have design used
      • Social media promotion for customers will continue
      • Submissions will require uploading the design to website and posting to social media with #mellowmushroomcatering and #escapetheordinary
      • Communication:
        • Website with instructions and submission
        • Email Campaign
        • In-Store Posters
        • Social Media Posts
    • Year 3: End t-shirt giveaway promotion

Escape with Everyone

Experience Your Escape Event

Goal: Increase general brand awareness and visualize Mellow Mushroom Catering for the customer through a video of the event

  • Partnership with Coca-Cola to cater and orientation networking event for MBAs and professors at a university (we suggest Emory)
  • Coca-Cola provides bottles that match different students and professors together to meet each other… the bottles can only be opened when they are matched and the caps are twisted together
  • Mellow Mushroom would provide all catering for the event and catering packaging will be highlighted
  • The video will highlight Mellow Mushroom Catering delivery and packaging and set up, it will show the Coca-Cola bottles, and show everyone enjoying the food and MM employees servicing the event
  • The video will be posted on Facebook and YouTube and be sent out in an Email Campaign to all MM customers to help them see what MM Catering is all about
Escape with a Smile

Goal: Increase general brand awareness and working towards developing shareable pictures and video on social media to promote MM’s connection with art and their catering program

  • As part of MM’s current presence at events like SweetWater 420 Fest and other large events in important markets we want to propose a catering addition to the event at the tent
  • We want each franchisee to have a catering delivery cart that has been tailor made for that store. Each franchisee should hire a carpenter to make their catering cart out of wood so it can be easily painted with art at the events listed above by attendees and customers.
  • We also want to provide samples of a munchies item like bruschetta at the event and every hour give away a pizza in a MM Catering box with a GoPro attached to the box to film the “smiling face” of a customer when they get a pizza.
  • These videos can be edited to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube so consumers can share the posts and increase general brand awareness and catering awareness with the catering branded box as the centerpiece of the video.



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